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Building the Future of New Jersey's Heavy Highway Construction Industry

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Students and Educators

Students and Educators . . . 
Learn more about Internships, Apprenticeships, and Degree-Related Programs.  Discover available employment opportunities and scholarships.

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Industry Leaders

CIAP of NJ offers an array of industry and education programs, providing support, and other services to the Heavy Highway Construction and related industries in New Jersey.

We develop, encourage and provide programs, through UTCA, ACCNJ and NJAPA,  and other construction-related associations, to enhance the construction industry.

About CIAP

CIAP is a non-profit trusteeship created to provide construction education, scholarships and research; improvement and standardization of public-sector contracts and technical specifications; and public relations and promotion of the industry within New Jersey.

CIAP is supported by these industry associations:

These Association members build, reconstruct, and maintain roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, utilities, and other infrastructure of our communities and state.

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Resources and Links

Unions, educational resources and other groups related to the construction industry.

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